Grit. Perseverance.  

From the moment I was in a hospital bed after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, I unearthed my truest self and found a calling in dedicating my life to patient advocacy.

My personal experience as an autoimmune patient advocate paired with my marketing expertise and mastery of stakeholder relations has uniquely positioned me to found Patient Authentic and the Chronic Boss Collective.

At Patient Authentic, I partner with pharma companies to build custom professional development events for the patient community. Attendees have referred to the events as ”powerful", "life-changing", and "nothing short of amazing".

The Chronic Boss Collective is a membership for ambitious business women living with autoimmune disease designed to help them dream big AND prioritize their health. No trade-offs.

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Living life vibrantly with
Grit, Perseverance, and Power.

A membership for businesswomen with chronic conditions.

Patient Authentic is a boutique agency that builds custom events and programming for the patient community. 

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"There's a magic to women who live with
chronic conditions and choose ambition.

Seek them out.
Be friends with them.
Work with them.
Hire them.
They will change your life."