It all started in a hospital bed 

At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases.

Since that moment in time, I’ve founded two companies to help people living with chronic conditions unlock their power.

My purpose
was ignited

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was told I would have these chronic conditions for the rest of my life. I remember googling them and the sheer horror I felt

I was told I would have these chronic conditions for the rest of my life. I remember googling them and the sheer horror I felt

When a

becomes destiny 

At the age of 19, I was diagnosed back-to-back with psoriatic arthritis and Crohn’s disease. The psoriatic arthritis was total body. So severe that my mom had to help dress me. The Crohn’s Disease left bleeding ulcers in my small intestine that made even taking a sip of water agonizing.

Being diagnosed at the dawn of my career allowed me to pour my advocate’s heart directly into the healthcare industry. I spent a decade working across the healthcare ecosystem from supporting biotech and industry giants in agency to serving as an early employee at innovative health tech startups. Along the way I became the youngest (ever) board member recruited to the Autoimmune Association and during my eight year tenure with the organization have served as Interim CEO and now Board Chair. 

I didn’t know what it meant to
be a patient advocate,
but in that moment I became one.


was ignited

After founding Patient Authentic and growing the business, I knew I was destined for more.

There’s a concept that I just couldn’t get out of my head. For years this idea percolated until I could no longer ignore it, I knew it was my calling to bring it to life.

I am an ambitious businesswoman.

I prioritize my health and self-care.

I have yet to find a space that holds these two statements to be simultaneously true as a woman living with multiple chronic conditions.

The Chronic Boss Collective was born out of my own lived experience. I am an ambitious and successful entrepreneur that prioritizes my health and self care out of necessity. It’s the only option if I wish to keep my autoimmune diseases in remission.

Through my first business, I’ve had the privilege to meet extraordinary women living with chronic conditions and changing the world. It is my belief that harnessing the collective power of these women to help each other level up in our life, health, and careers will be pure magic…and that’s why I created the Chronic Boss Collective.



I never intended to start my own business, but I suppose I wasn’t entirely surprised when I did. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I love to build things that matter. 

The catalyst for launching my company was actually a rejection. I was turned away from a director position at a biotech company.

Off the record, I was told by a colleague it was because I was “too young” and putting someone my age in a director position would “upset the apple cart”.

This was the final push I needed to strike out on my own. I decided to bet on myself, because I’ve never let myself down. In 2020 I founded Patient Authentic, a boutique consultancy that builds events and experiences to empower and educate patient advocates. The business has grown leaps and bounds year over year.

It hasn’t just made money, it’s made a remarkable impact and empowered and educated thousands of patients across the country and around the world. Attendees have referred to Patient Authentic events as”powerful", "life-changing", and "nothing short of amazing". 





my world was turned upside down.

My businesses are the platforms that grant me the opportunity to help people living with chronic conditions unlock their power.

There is nothing better than aiding someone in discovering the power that was in them all along.


helping patients
unlock their power

helping patients unlock their power